Whats Inside?

Over 500 Professional Assets + Tools.

Instantly enhance your creative capabilities with over 500 cutting-edge, filmmaking & photography assets. These exact tools were created by 16 industry professionals, after years developing their crafts and cultivating their styles. For the first time, these unique assets are available in one bundle. They are extremely easy to use and will save you a significant amount of time, with increased results.

219 Desktop Presets

Transform your photos in one click with a diverse and professional catalog of color-grading desktop presets, perfect for any style of photography.

17 Mobile Presets

Edit on the go, with our mobile presets collection. Simply import them to the Lightroom app and begin transforming your photos in one click.

20 Graphic Overlays

Exclusive: A collection of drag and drop graphic assets and fully customizable design elements developed to bring a creative edge to your work.

27 LUTs

Step up your color grading with a dynamic collection of professional grade LUTs, essential for creators and compatible with all softwares.

5 Film Overlays

Shot on real 8mm and 16mm film, give your footage a film look with authentic grains, textures, letterboxes, and film burns.

208 Glitch Transitions + SFX

Exclusive: A dynamic pack of custom glitch transitions and sound effects designed to transform and bring your visuals to life.

18 Templates

Exclusive: Create engaging Instagram posts and stories with our easy-to-use templates. Easily customize images, text, and more.


A comprehensive suite of tutorial videos for each asset, providing detailed instructions on installation and optimization..

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Bring a creative edge to your work with overlays.

The stunning graphic overlays and assets provided by Mitchell Mullins will help bring a creative edge to your work. Simply drag and drop these assets into your project and instantly take your visuals to the next level. Mitchell has even provided the project files so that you can customize the template as you wish. Additionally, Brendon Hayward has provided a pack of film overlays shot on real 8MM + 16MM cameras. Layer these over your footage and instantly give it a genuine film look with letterboxes, grain, texture, and film burns.

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Bring a creative edge to your work with overlays.

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Glitch transitions + SFX that transform your visuals.

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Glitch transitions + SFX that transform your visuals.

The dynamic collection of glitch transitions and sound effects provided by Kyler Holland, will bring your visuals to life. There are 7,567 possible combinations of how these effects can be used, allowing a limitless source of creativity when transitioning from clip to clip.

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

Color grading is one of the more advanced and complicated techniques of editing images and videos. For this, we put together a bundle which features a top-notch catalog of 236 presets + 27 LUTs developed by creators with years of color grading experience from all over the globe. Simply drop these files on your project, adjust as you please, and you're done.

The Creators Bundle by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

Meet The Creators

Jay Alvarrez

10 Presers

@jayalvarrez became an Instagram sensation and sparked the creative travel industry with his truly enviable photos and videos. He has worked on projects with Hugo Boss, Coca-Cola, and Kygo. These are his first ever presets which he developed after years of shooting in the most tropical places on the planet.

Brendon Hayward

12 LUTs, 5 Film Burns & More

Co-founder of Creators Studios, @brendon is a multi-talented creator who, over the years, has developed an extensive client list working with billion dollar brands such as Adobe, Colgate, and Gillette. Today, he has provided all his premiere coloring assets, film overlays and templates to the bundle.

Jacob Riglin

20 Presets

@jacob is the photographer behind some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve seen on Instagram. Currently, he helps creative direct and produce content for brands such as BMW, Adidas, and Beautiful Destinations. His presets are dynamic and are designed to work with any style of photography.

Johnny Schaer

3 LUTs

@johnny_fpv is a FPV drone pilot paving the way for the future of aerial cinematography. His LUTs have been engineered to meet the demands of film industry professionals and have helped Johnny bring his work to life for clients such as Porsche, Red Bull, and Nike.

Mitchell Mullins

20 Graphic Overlays & Assets

@mitchell_mullins is a creative known for having a diverse range of talents. His unique style has facilitated partnerships with major brands and taken him all across the globe. Today, Mitchell has provided innovative design assets that will help take your creative work to the next level.

Clint Robert

17 Presets

@clint is a renowned photographer known for capturing breath taking moments of the world’s top models. His presets embody the city where his career started (Malibu) with vintage looks and vibrant colors. You'll have everything needed to start editing photos like Clint.

Henry Jimenez

39 Presets

@henryjimenz is a fashion, lifestyle and celebrity photographer, from a small town in Mexico. It was here where his inspiration began; from jungles to beaches and streets to cities. His unique presets are designed to enhance your images with bold and vibrant tones.

Gab Scanu

14 Presets

@gabscanu is a trailblazer known for contemporary landscape photography in which he features breathtaking aerial shots. Recently, he's partnered with brands such as Disney and Louis Vuitton. Start stepping up your aerial editing with Gab's complete collection of drone and lifestyle presets.

Ethan Field

21 Presets

@thefieldprojects is a filmmaker + photographer currently traveling the world year-round working with an impressive list of brands and artists such as MVMT & Martin Garrix. His super collection of presets are perfect for bringing your travel and lifestyle photos to life with vibrant colors.

Roberto Nickson

46 Presets

@rpnickson, the founder behind the instagram sensation @shltr, is a photographer, product designer, and entrepreneur, currently residing in Los Angeles. Roberto believes in excellence through design and is excited to share @roomp*rn's first ever presets that embody the same spirit.

Keane Luong

3 LUTs

@tantago began his filmmaking career as a kid, recording action sequences with his friends. As a self-taught jack-of-all-trades who can direct, shoot, and edit. Keane understands the framework behind comprehensive color-grading and has shared his custom LUTs to help you take yours to the next level.

Kyler Holland

157 Glitch Effects & 47 SFX

@kylerholland is a filmmaker committed to pushing boundaries while educating the creative market in the process. He is the man behind several industry leading assets and has provided a dynamic glitch transition and sound effects pack that will help transform the visuals of your work.

Mario Bota

21 Presets

@illtakeyouto is continuously looking for new ways to use his camera to captivate the minds of many. After traveling right out of school at 18, Mario soon understood the necessity of creating original content in a digital era. Today, Mario has provided his unique presets that he's developed over the years.

Justin Tse

9 LUTs

@justin.tse is a creator and digital entrepreneur that has experience in technology, lifestyle, and fashion. Over the years he has worked with nearly every major tech company including Apple and Google. Design is an essential part of Justin's philosophy and is engrained in all signature LUTs.

Mohammed Aleef

26 Presets

From a young age, @leefphotos had always dreamed of becoming the most established Maldivian photographers. Today, he works with just about every luxury resort including Gililankan Fushi and Conrad Maldives. His stunning presets were created during his lifelong journey in the Maldives.

Adam Horwitz

7 Part Creators Course

@adamhorwitz is a digital entrepreneur with a passion for travel. Since a young age he has traveled the globe working for various brands, creatives and was even named one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs by President Obama. Adam's course will teach you how to leverage your content while traveling.


See Why People Love The Creators Bundle.

5.0 ★★★★★

The best asset bundle I've seen on the market.

Best asset pack I've ever seen in the community! No matter if you are new or an experienced creator, the bundle saves time and takes your images & videos to a whole new level.

- Alex Tremmel

5.0 ★★★★★

For those looking to improve their content game.

Been messing around with the pack for the last few days, and it’s absolutely awesome! The presets have helped me create some of my best photos ever and everyone in the bundle are pro’s.

- Luca Triolo

5.0 ★★★★★

Help transform my content to professional level in just seconds.

The presets, LUTs, templates and audio effects helped me transform my video to professional level, in simply a few seconds. Any film-maker from beginner to professional I would recommend it.

- Gonzalo Lopez

5.0 ★★★★★

Improved the quality and efficiency of my craft.

I am someone always looking to improve the quality and efficiency of my craft. Finding the ideal color has always been a struggle for me, but thanks to these LUTs, I am able to push my work to a new level.

- Leonardo Daniel

5.0 ★★★★★

Saves a lot of time, worth it For the transitions alone.

What I have found most useful about the bundle is when I have a new project with a tight deadline I can instantly insert a transition. Instead of spending hours on after-effects trying to create my own.

- Corbin Taylor

5.0 ★★★★★

The value you receive in this pack is unbelievable.

Already using the bundle for a multitude of projects and the immense value you receive for your money is unbelievable. This will bundle will step up your game for sure.

- Hassan Khan

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly do I get?

Creators Studios Bundle includes access to an incredible catalog of 500+ digital assets developed by 15 industry leading creators. Consisting of presets, LUTs, film overlays, graphic overlays, video effects, sound effects, instagram templates, and more.

You also get access to a company suite of tutorial videos with detailed instructions that show you exactly how to each asset.

Are your downloads instant? How do I receive them?

Yes, all of our downloads are instant. They are sent to you via email immediately after payment is completed.

What software do the digital assets work on? 

This bundle of assets has been specifically created with the following platforms in mind - Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, Photoshop.

There are other platforms that they are also likely to work on. If you have a question about any other particular platform please contact us at support@creatorsstudios.com

Why are you offering such a discount?

In order to be able to help the kind of numbers of creators that we want, it is important to make these tools accessible by making them affordable. If we are going to achieve our goal to significantly change the ease of which people can create quality content then it's important to get the price right.

What we are trying to achieve is an affordable product that generates a bit of profit so we can invest in the future of Creators Studios.

What is the story behind Creators Studios?

Creators Studios was founded out of the realization of the difficult journey for those wanting to be creators in the modern age. With the surplus of software and digital assets available on the market, we set out to create products that offer a transformative path to creators on all levels.

 Inside everyone, there is creativity waiting to be unleashed, and our products are built to do just that. This is a creators’ brand with a mission to provide industry leading products that fuel creativity around the world. For the future belongs to those who create it.


From our Co-Founder: Brendon Hayward (@Brendon):

"My personal journey as a creative began long ago, when I first picked up a camera and spent countless years traveling the world, shooting in different landscapes and environments, developing my craft. What started as a hobby out of a mere passion to create has turned into a full-time career that has taken me all around the world, working with major brands and artists in various industries. It didn’t come easy, but it’s truly been a blessing to have experienced the things I have since this journey began. It's now the time to do something bigger than just myself, and thus Creators Studios is born."

Pricing & Payment

How much does the Creators Studios bundle cost?

The personal license is $97 and provides unlimited access to all assets and tools for personal use only. The Commercial license is $117 and provides unlimited access to all assets and tools for both personal & commercial use.

Which currency do you use?

Everything in our store is in USD. If you're purchasing in a different currency that's still ok, your bank will convert the USD into your usual currency.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds as this is a digital product that once purchased cannot be returned. We’re here to answer any questions beforehand (if your questions haven't been answered on our FAQ page please contact our email at Support@CreatorsStudios.com). If you accidentally purchase the Creators Studios Bundle twice, we would, of-course, refund the duplicate purchase upon proof of purchase.