Ink Bleed

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Introducing "Ink Bleed" - The one-click Photoshop action that makes any text, logo, or vector shapes look like it's been ink bled on paper. Super high-res and realistic. Choose from pre-made auto actions or get full control with the custom action. Gives different results every time you use it. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Product Features

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.

Download sent instantly via email after purchase, with lifetime access.

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

A Powerful Photoshop Tool

Give Anything a Ink Bled Effect, Instantly

Ink Bleed is a fast and easy to use, one-click effect that converts anything with a high resolution ink bled effect in Adobe Photoshop. This asset works with text, logos, and most vector artwork as long as it’s a transparent layer, meaning either the black or white should be cut out. Choose from pre-made auto actions or get full control with the custom actions.

ink Bleed By Creators Studios

Bring A Creative Edge To Your Work

To utilize this asset you must have Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer. Included is a tutorial for instructions on installation and optimal usage as well as bonus paper textures to give your ink bled effect added authenticity. This effect is extremely easy to use and will give you different results every time you use it. 

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals.  

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"I’m a graphic designer and this effect has come extremely handy for my work. Great job."

- Pedro G.

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"This works so well! I’ve tried a variety of ink effect assets but this is by far one of my favorites."

- Ralph B.

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"The quality of your guys products are unmatched! Absolutely in love with this tool."

- Zoe S.

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"Such a fun effect! Definitely stepped up my design arsenal with this."

- Raquel M.

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"This effect was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Creators Studios."

- Ari B.