Animated Elements

Introducing a unique collection of 60+ animated elements that you can easily overlay on any footage. Whether to bring a creative edge to your visuals or help telling your story through compelling graphics, this collection is versatile and designed to meet various creative needs. Assets come in 4K UHD resolution and are compatible with all major softwares.

Product Features

30.00 frames per second


Compatible with all major software, including: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, LumaFusion, Photoshop, Sony Vegas and more!


Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.


Download sent instantly via email after purchase, with lifetime access.

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

A Collection Of Animated Elements

Graphics That Can Help Tell Your Story

The tools we have at our disposal play a significant role in our creative capabilities. This collection was designed to bring a creative edge to your visuals while helping tell your story through unique graphics. Featuring 60+ overlays with animated elements offered in 4K UHD resolution. Check out some of the overlays included to get a taste of what this collection offers. Everything from grids, codes, vectors, abstract layouts, and more that can easily be applied in seconds.

Animated Elements By Creators Studios

Enhance Your Creative Capabilities

We’ve simplified the process of creating unique animations by doing it for you and packing all the renderings. No more opening up After Effects and spending hours trying to animate graphics. To use, simply drag and drop into your project and change the blending mode to screen. Additionally you can easily modify color, sizing, or even combine overlays to create different looks suited for your various needs. Tutorial included for instructions on installation and usage.

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals.  

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"These are fire! Used them for tour visuals and an edit recently. Worked great."

- Sebastian M.

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"These are some of my favorite graphics I’ve used.. Create more!"

- Kaiyan C.

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"Great job with these guys. Love what you guys have been putting out."

- Matt M.

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"I usually create custom animations but used these on a recent project and they saved me so much time."

- Darren D.

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"Happy with my purchase! Assets are dope."

- Conner M.