A collection of over 500 cutting-edge assets + tools from 15 industry leading creators. Engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals globally and designed to unleash creativity.

Introducing The Essentials Bundle, a collection of 40+ essential assets that will give you a taste of many of the products we have to offer at an extremely affordable rate. Includes a commercial license for use.

A collection of Photoshop assets including The CRT Converter, Ink Stamp, Ink Bleed, Koloranz, Offset Printer, Photo Templates, and Prism. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop exclusively.


A collection of 20+ meticulously crafted LUTs designed to infuse your videos with cinematic and breathtaking aesthetics. Each LUT has been crafted by industry experts to deliver stunning results.

A meticulously curated collection of 10+ luts that transform digital footage with the distinctive and beloved aesthetics of various film stocks, including iconic Fujifilm, Kodak Ektar, and Kodak Portra.

A collection of 10+ luts inspired by the iconic and timeless aesthetic of Kodak Gold 200 film. Featuring multiple variations of Kodak Gold emulations designed to capture the warmth, vibrant colors, and distinctive grain characteristics of Kodak Gold film.

Enhance your color grading with our signature collection of professional grade LUTs. Featuring a dynamic selection of various looks engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals across the globe.

Transform any footage with our diverse collection of Vintage LUTs. Featuring various film luts that emulate Vintage Film, Fuji Film, Kodak Portra, Monochrome, and B&W Film looks. Compatible with all picture profiles.


Give any digital footage a vintage look with authentic 8mm film grains + textures shot on real Kodak film. Professionally processed, scanned, and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Transform any footage with a unique collection of authentic 16mm film grains + textures, shot on real Kodak film. Professionally processed, scanned, and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Introducing one of the most comprehensive collection of anamorphic flares on the market. Featuring 85+ anamorphic flares in 4K UHD resolution from 40MM, 65MM, and 100MM lenses.

Our 16mm “Expired Film” collection features 30+ authentic film textures including grains, letterboxes, and film burns from expired Fujicolor Reversal film stock and shot on a Bolex 16mm camera. Offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Bring a creative flare to your work with a collection of authentic 8mm + 16mm Film Burns, shot on real Kodak film. Professionally processed, scanned, and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Create unique transitions that capture the essence of cinematic history. Featuring 80+ artifacts, burns, cinemarkers, emulsions, leaders, punch holes, sprockets, and sound effects! Compatible with all major softwares.

One of the most versatile collections of glass effects from our newest line of refractions. Featuring 150+ different light effects from some of the highest quality glass and prisms on the market.

Give any footage a genuine film look without the added grain with 8mm + 16mm letterboxes shot on real Kodak film. Professionally processed, scanned, and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

“Featuring 75+ captivating light effects that are perfect for seamless transitions or bringing a creative flare to any footage. All offered in 4K UHD resolution and shot on large format glass using an Arri Alexa, to ensure the highest quality assets possible.


A unique collection of 60+ animated elements that will bring a creative edge to your visuals while helping you tell stories through compelling graphics. This collection is versatile and designed to meet various creative needs.

Go on, challenge the status quo. This exclusive collection of 77+ drag and drop graphic elements featuring vectors, screens, markers, tapes, scratches, and a fully customizable credits text template.

A comprehensive collection of graphic assets that will arm anyone with essential tools for impeccable design. Featuring 100+ vectors, plastic textures, paper textures, tapes, scratches and more.

Featuring 50 mattes with various geometric shapes for any creative project. Whether you’re looking to bring a creative edge to your videos, photos, or anything graphic design related, this collection is suited for all and for all levels of experience.

A powerful editing tool that allows you to apply eye-catching glass distortions to any photo or video work. Featuring 12 unique distortions that you can easily drag and drop into any software for photo, video, and graphic design.

A collection of 60+ meticulously crafted graffiti tags and 14 edgy distressed backgrounds designed to inject a burst of raw urban energy into your creative projects. Delivered in high resolution transparent PNG’s at 300DPI for any software.

the ultimate marker kit for all your creative projects! Featuring 1700+ meticulously crafted design elements,including 1584 shapes, 104 characters, 10 unique textures, 2 custom fonts, Photoshop brushes, and more!

Bring a creative edge to your work with this comprehensive collection of graphic assets designed by Mitchell Mullins. Featuring video overlays, graphic assets, and unique text templates.

Introducinga comprehensive collection of design assets that will take your design capabilities to a whole new level. Featuring broken glass, dirty paper, vintage film, cinematic flares, glued posters, grunge textures, light, & more!


A powerful post-production tool that allows you to apply fully customizable flash effects to any footage, instantly. Perfect for making unique transitions, this tool unlocks so much creative potential.

A one of a kind post-production tool that allows you to apply dynamic focus pulls to any footage. Featuring 14 pre-keyed effect compositions and 20 meticulously crafted graphics you can easily toggle on in both 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios.

An extremely powerful post-production tool that will transform any footage with multiple variations of flip-world effects, instantly. Perfect for creating seamless transitions or bringing life to your footage.

A powerful effect that will transform any video clip with the looks that make shooting through prisms so special. Featuring 10 unique variations of different prism effects that in 16x9 and 9x16 aspect ratios.

A new seamless transition pack hat makes it easier than ever to apply unique punch hole transitions. Featuring 10 variations of punch hole animations, 7 unique effects, and 6 ripped hole assets which you can all combine to create 420 transition variations.


Animate any text with Rory Kramer's famous asset that has been used in some of the most watched music videos in the world. We partnered with Rory to offer this to you exclusively here at Creators Studios.

A cinematic title kit with impeccable design at its core. Featuring 15+ fully customizable designs that can be used for both your photo and video work. Designed by Oliver Jai for Photoshop.


Introducing a unique collection of 115+ abstract textures that will instantly enhance your design capabilities. Featuring variations of foil, ink, and metal textures that make for perfect multimedia backgrounds.

A game changer for photographers seeking to infuse their images with the nostalgic charm achieved with shooting on disposable cameras. This versatile collection features various grades and color pallets to suit all your creative needs.

A powerful Photoshop action that allows you to effortlessly infuse your images with a captivating luminosity. Featuring 6 different Photoshop actions that allow you to apply 3 different intensities of glow to your images with or without noise.

Introducing a unique collection of 135 grunge textures designed to bring an edge to your work. Whether for texturizing a photo or designing a poster, this collection has you covered.

Introducing "Ink Bleed" - The one-click Photoshop action that makes any text, logo, or vector shapes look like it's been ink bled on paper. Super high-res and realistic.

Introducing “Ink Stamp” - A one click Photoshop action that will give any text, object, or vector artwork an ink stamp distressed look, instantly. This tool is very powerful and extremely easy to use.

Introducing a unique collection of 120 colorful gradient maps that will instantly transform anything with beautiful gradients. Featuring 10 different dust and scratch patterns, making the combinations of assets endless.

Introducing a single click Photoshop Action that simulates the 4-color process used in vintage printing techniques. Featuring 7 different styles of offset printer looks with 12 added presets.

Introducing "Posters" which features 15 fully customizable poster templates with impeccable design in 4x5 and 9x16 aspect ratios. Perfect for showcasing your photos or creating eye-catching posters for any occasion.

Transform your photos in one simple click with one of the most comprehensive catalogs of professional color-grading presets on the market. Designed to work for various styles of photography.

Introducing a powerful Photoshop tool that allows you to apply various prism effects to any image, instantly. Featuring 10 variations of unique prism effects that you can apply to any image in seconds.

Bring a creative edge to your work with our co - founder Brendon Hayward's signature film frame, grain, and polaroid Photoshop templates. Featuring 9 unique templates with various aspect ratios for social.

A powerful photoshop tool that allows you to blend any two images with a double exposure effect in seconds. This tool is extremely easy to use and features a two step process that produces realistic and fully customizable reflections in 3500 x 5000px resolution.

Bring the magic of risograph overprints to your fingertips. Immerse yourself in a super simple process that empowers you to merge your unique images with a spectrum of colors and grain intensity levels, resulting in a stunningly realistic risograph aesthetic

Introducing a one-click Photoshop effect that can convert anything with a super-realistic vintage CRT effect in seconds. Includes all the authentic pixel textures, chromatic aberration, and luma glow that you see in real CRT.


The ultimate arsenal of cinematic sound effects from Creators Studios. Featuring 700+ sounds engineered masterfully to turn your creative projects into immersive masterpieces. Developed in partnership with professional audio engineers,


In an era of globe-trotting, digital entrepreneur Adam Horwitz has a passion for content creation and from a young age has partnered with some of the most sought after hotels and fine restaurants across the globe.

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