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Introducing “Flash FX” - An easy to use custom effect that will transform any clip with flash effects instantly. Whether for spicing up your transitions, or texturizing a clip, this collection will significantly enhance your post - product capabilities. Featuring 10 variations of different flash effects that can easily be applied. Compatible with Adobe After Effects.

Product Features

Compatible with Adobe After Effects

Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.

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The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

Transform Footage With Unique Flash Effects

Enhance Your Visuals, Instantly.

Utilizing unique effects is a very powerful part of the post - production process. Not only can they help create engaging edits, but they can be used to shape the stories being told. We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of different flash effects that make for perfect transitions or an added texture to any clip. We believe transitions and effects should look seamless which is exactly what this easy to use assets does. Compatible with Adobe After Effects.

Flash FX By Creators Studios

A Collection of Flash Effects

This collection features 10 different variations of flash effects that can be easily applied. Whether you want to spice up a clip, or create some cool transitions, Flash FX will enhance your post production capabilities significantly. To use, simply drag and drop your clip then choose from 10 different flash fx and drag over your clip or clips as you wish. Easily modify things such as hue, strength of light, and opacity to your specific needs. Most transition packs out there give you overdone transitions that look tacky, Flash FX is designed to give you quality transitions seamlessly. Tutorial included for instructions on usage.

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals.  

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"Just tried these out and the results are so good."

- Ruth K.

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"These make for perfect transitions! Love this effect."

- Robert V.

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"The transitions you get from this are sooo clean. Great work."

- Damien K.

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"Impressed with this product. I used to spend so much time in After Effects trying to create stuff like this."

- Trevor S.

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"One of my favorite products you guys have put out. Keep it up."

- Oliver B.