Mitchell Mullins Graphic Collection

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Bring a creative edge to your work with this comprehensive collection of graphic assets designed by Mitchell Mullins. Featuring 25 unique video overlays, graphic assets, creative letterboxes, and fully customizable text templates. Offered in 4K UHD resolution.  

Product Features

Compatible with all major software, including: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, LumaFusion, Photoshop, Sony Vegas and more! (Except A.E. Title Templates)


Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.


Download sent instantly via email after purchase, with lifetime access.

Designed By Mitchell Mullins

Impeccable Design

Designed by Mitchell Mullins

Impeccable Design

With the surplus of graphic assets available today, it can be hard to navigate what's available to find something truly unique. Which is why we partnered with Mitchell to offer you this custom collection of graphic assets with impeccable design at their core. This collection features a variety of different assets including edgy animated video overlays, drag and drop graphic elements, various creative letterboxes with different aspect ratios, and two fully customizable After Effects title templates.

Unleash Creativity

Enhance Your Creative Capabilities

This collection arms you with an array of design elements that will help you unlock your own creative potential. Take it from our co - founder Brendon, "Mitchell's assets were vehicles for my own creative exploration. I can honestly say I learned so much about design and the softwares I'm using through his assets." Mitchell is an incredibly talented creative that is constantly pushing the envelope of design and his own creativity. Armed with these assets you will significantly enhance your own creative capabilities.

Unleash Creativity

Enhance Your Creative Capabilities

A Look Inside The Collection

Video Overlays

Featuring 5 unique video overlays with animated design elements. Compatible with any software and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Creative Letterboxes

Featuring 6 creative letterboxes with different aspect ratios you can drag and drop into your projects. Compatible with any software and offered in 4K UHD resoution.

Graphic Assets

Featuring 8 drag and drop graphic assets that will bring a creative edge to your work. Compatible with any software for both photo and video and offered in 4K UHD resolution.

Title Templates

Featuring two fully customizable title templates compatible for Adobe After Effects. One credit template and the title template that you see here.

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"Wow the design of these are so good. Mitchell just became my favorite creator haha. Seriously though."

- Terry M

5.0 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"Huge fan of this product. Taught me so much about After Effects and just design in general. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys put out."

- Brooke H.

5.0 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"Mitchell is so talented. His Adobe spec piece literally blew me away. Stoked to have some assets designed by him."

- Alvin G.

5.0 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"Really happy with my purchase! This pack has a bit of everything and I don't think there's a single asset I'm not going to use.

- Jammel M.

5.0 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"The animated overlays are so dope. Really like the title templates as well. All around amazing product. "

- Jorge S.