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Introducing “Prism” - A powerful Photoshop tool that can transform your photos with the looks that make shooting through prisms so special. Featuring 10 variations of prism looks that can be applied to any photo instantly. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Product Features

Compatible with Adobe After Effects

Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.

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The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Enhance your color grading, instantly.

A Powerful Photoshop Tool

Transform Your Photos, Instantly

With our newly launched Prism tool for Photoshop, you can apply 10 variations of prism looks to any photo instantly. This is a powerful Photoshop tool that will save you time with increased results. No more spending time masking, or utilizing multiple layers to achieve a similar look. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop only. Enhance your creative capabilities today.

Prism By Creators Studios

A Collection Of Prism Looks

o utilize this effect, simply open the prism template you want to apply in Photoshop. Next double click on the “add image here” button and choose your photo. Next scale your photo as you wish, hit save, and that’s it! Your prism effect will be applied to your photo instantly. This tool is awesome and we’re extremely proud to offer it to you here at Creators Studios! Tutorial included for additional instructions on installation and usage.  

The LUT Pack by Creators Studios

Engineered to meet the demand of industry professionals.  

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"Was looking for an effect like this for some client work. These worked perfect."

- Connor G.

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"These work so well! There isn’t one I won’t use."

- Max R.

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"This effect looks great on my photos. Solid product."

- Michael R.

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"Love these! Keep it up!"

- Bree T.

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"Impressed with the results using these! Super easy to use as well."

- Austin B.