CRT Textures

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Introducing “CRT Textures.” A unique collection of 350+ drag and drop assets that will transport you back in time while propelling your creative projects into the future. Featuring abstract overlays, retro elements, glitches, static screens, eye-catching textures, seamless transitions, and more for your projects. Crafted with real CRT aesthetic including color shifting, texture, and glitches. Provided in 4K ProRes format and compatible with all major softwares.

Product Features

Prores 4444 codec files (4K)


23.976 frames per second


Compatible with all major software, including: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, LumaFusion, Photoshop, Sony Vegas and more!


Tutorial included with detailed instructions on installation and usage.


Download sent instantly via email after purchase, with lifetime access.



A Comprehensive Collection Of CRT Textures

Premium Quality Met By Ease Of Use

A Comprehensive Collection Of CRT Textures

Premium Quality Met By Ease Of Use

This collection features a full arsenal of 19 abstract textures, 87 film textures, 60 glitch textures, 15 retro textures, 58 screen textures, 70 assorted textures, 39 transition textures, and more with some being up to 50 seconds in length! Collectively they offer one of the most comprehensive and value packed collection of CRT textures on the market. Each texture is crafted using real CRT color shifting, glitches, and elements to give you the power of classic CRT displays at your fingertips. Join the ranks of visionary creators and embrace the timeless allure of CRT with our “CRT Textures.

CRT Textures By Creators Studios

Don’t Reminisce The Past, Reinvent It

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, this collection was engineered for all. Armed with it you can transform mundane visuals with mesmerizing CRT aesthetics. This collection is the perfect blend of premium quality met by ease of use. To use, simply drag and drop into any software, and modify the blending mode to suit whatever your creative needs may be. Get creative by combining different textures and easily change colors within your native softwares coloring modules. Don’t just reminisce about the past, reinvent it. Tutorial included for detailed instructions on installation and usage.

CRT Textures By Creators Studios

Don’t Reminisce The Past, Reinvent It



Featured Asset Categories


19 abstract textures featuring various elements including data, liquids, patterns, pixels, tunnels, wormholes, and more offered in 4K UHD resolution.


87 film textures featuring various film emulations including artifacts, burns, leaders, cinemarkers, countdowns, dust, flashes, and more in 4K UHD resolution.


60 glitch textures featuring various analog elements including color variations, compilations, glitch lengths, static, and more in 4K UHD resolution.


15 retro textures featuring various synthwave elements in different colors including roads, sunsets, wavelengths, and more in 4K UHD resolution.


58 screen textures featuring various static crt displays including clean screens, color variations, grit, grunge designs, paper and more in 4K UHD resolution.


70 textures featuring various crt displays including color shifts, compilations, elements, static, noise, patterns, vhs, and more in 4K UHD resolution.


39 transition textures featuring various elements of artifacts, burns, color variations, flashes, flickers, tears, wipes, and more in 4K UHD resolution.

Bonus Assets

Bonus assets that feature a taste of our expired film collection shot on expired Fujicolor Reversal film and professionally scanned in 4K UHD resolution.



A Look Inside The Collection

5.0 ★★★★★

"Blown away by how many assets are offered in this. Everything I’ve ever needed CRT wise."

- Jamie R.

5.0 ★★★★★

"These look so good! Really happy with my purchase."

- Brian C.

5.0 ★★★★★

"Love the different categories of textures offered. So much diversity."

- Arthur O.

5.0 ★★★★★

"These are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for."

- Montana L.

5.0 ★★★★★

"Don’t think I’ve seen a crt collection with this much value before. Great job."

- Ari G.